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Your Local Solution for All Things Gardening

When searching for dependable gardeners in Moe, Traralgon, Korumburra, Morwell and the neighbouring areas, look no further than Shaw Thing - your go-to solution for all your outdoor needs.

We understand that a well-maintained yard is a labour of love and requires time, effort, and a whole lot of green thumb expertise. That's where we come in. 

Our team of specialists provides comprehensive gardening services right at your doorstep. We've got you covered, from weed control and tree cleanup to cultivating plants and playful areas for your kids.

Conquering the Weed Woes

From pesky flat weeds in your pristine lawn to invasive blackberries disrupting your landscape, our specialised gardeners in Moe, Morwell, and Foster know how to nip these weed problems in the bud, reclaiming your outdoor space.

Tree Troubles? No Problem with Shaw Thing!

Fallen trees can be a daunting sight for any homeowner. We will swiftly and safely handle cleanup, turning an overwhelming situation into a spotless outdoor area ready for new growth and enjoyment.

Precision Hedging Services

When trimming hedges, precision and care are essential for a neat finish. Our professionals sculpt your hedges to perfection, enhancing your front yards' curb appeal and overall harmony.

Blackberry Blitz

Our gardeners in Moe aren't daunted by blackberry invasions. Our cleanup services will restore order and beauty to your Leongatha, Yinnar, Foster and neighbouring suburbs' yards.

Wood Work Wonders

Need wood for your fireplace or outdoor pit? We've got you covered. We offer to cut and split wood, providing the perfect fuel for your cozy fires, indoors and out.

Mulch Masters & Rock Rangers

Your outdoor space is only as good as its foundation. We offer mulch spreading and rock distribution for yards to enrich your soil, improve plant health, and elevate aesthetic appeal.

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Bed and Edges: A Homeowners Dream

Our expertise extends to creating beautiful, functional flower beds and edges. With our touch, your outdoor spaces will thrive.

Playspace Perfection

Imagine a safe, fun-filled playground area right in your backyard. We specialise in crafting kids' areas that spark creativity and promote physical activity.

Retaining Walls: The Final Touch

Small retaining walls can transform your landscape, providing structure and style. Our team will construct durable, attractive walls that blend seamlessly with your outdoor design.

Enhance Every Corner of Your Outdoor Spaces

We take pride in producing quality work with exceptional customer service. Let us tackle your outdoor challenges, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful surroundings. Contact us today.

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